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Membership Benefits
  • Access to virtual reality platform consisting of engineering, medical and other colleges, students, experts, venture capital companies, angel investors, inventors of all kinds of products & processes, intellectual property attorneys, & buyers or buyer industries hunting for new inventions.
  • The Knowhowledge.com Platform weaves all talent irrespective of qualification, age, experience, nationality, organization, status, location & profession with single common bond that is ‘Common Interest’.
  • Access to intellectual property rights support relevant & essential to becoming a recognised ‘Inventor’ from an ‘I made that before status’.
  • Avoiding pitfalls along the road to becoming not only a successful inventor but a successful entrepreneur also, which in today’s commercial world is far more relevant.
  • Knowhowledge.com membership facilitates one to develop a country-specific or culture-specific product by analysing similar products available.
  • The ‘Inventracker System’ of Knowhowledge.com ensures that neither the inventor nor his invention is left in the lurch to slide into oblivion along the tedious road to become a patentee and onwards sourcing the right buyer for commercialising the invention.
  • Eliminates the fear of one’s invention being gobbled up by some one else unknown as Knowhowledge.com has a certification system to verify to whatever extent practical both the potential partners i.e. the buyer & the seller.
  • Allows commonsense to prevail over the possibility of re-inventing the wheel, that is spending time, effort & funds on an invention which is already commercial somewhere else.
  • Access to participation in various events & exhibitions held on city, state, country, region, or global basis.
  • Once one boards the Knowhowledge.com super tracker train, it is most likely to take one to the right & logical destination for sure. One can board this train anytime one has an idea flash & get to know the practicality and competition rather than getting cocooned with the idea with the fear of someone stealing the idea.
  • All the benefits are available on equal footing for both men & women and apply to a school student as well as to a retired professional.
  • Knowhowledge.com is a Webocracy run by Webocrats to become Weboneer Inventors for the benefit of our planet because we do not own it but it is a legacy which we are entrusted with to preserve for the future.
  • It is high time for all those webocrazy social networkers to get off  and join Knowhowledge.com.