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Knowhowledge.com is a website where Mind-Meets-Minds

The World Economy is driven by Innovation. Large companies spend billions of Dollars on Corporate R&D. However the efforts the Corporations take to develop or patent a product be it a mechanical device or an electronic gadget or now a days even a business process driven by software or a chemical formulation –in all one thing is common the heavy expenditure.

Despite all the effort only a fraction of the R&D spending results in actually commercialized products seeing the light of the day.

More and more corporations are on the look out for newer and newer products, technologies and processes most of the time belonging to their known businesses fitting within existing portfolios but sometimes revolutionarily different ones also.

On the other hand when we compare resources we do know that the world population has reached 6 billion people each with his own different thinking in short his own mind!

A housewife as a user of day to day gadgets is also has certain valuable suggestions, a fresh graduate is full up-to brim with experimental ideas based on what he has learnt as basic science, a retire professor has difficulty getting good sleep as he finds himself too isolated to share his ideas based on his vast experience with anyone, a senior scientist is pacing up and down like a caged tiger because no one in his huge establishment has the time to listen to his great out of the way concept, there are innumerous minds struggling to fine out a forum to share their ideas to concepts. It is this gap that KNOWHOWLEDGE.COM addresses in the most unique way.

Over 90-95% of the ideas never give birth to products just imagine the loss to the world! It is the innovators who made this world better for us to live. A brilliant idea not commercialized is like a stillborn child it is no better than an idea that was never made.

The technology licensing market is estimated at US$ 120 Billion. It is growing rapidly too and is expected to go through a quantum growth phase. On the other hand there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands small and medium companies (SMEs) particularly in the developing world looking for suitable technologies. Finding a potential buyer for a technology and finding a suitable seller for technology are today like hit and miss process. Like two persons trying to fine each other in total darkness in a vast area where shouting does not get heard or gets drowned in the already existing din. This process currently relies on interpersonal networking. So much so that there is 12:1 chance that success will be struck. Companies rarely look beyond their industry to locate a suitable buyer where as the technology possessed by one company may be aptly useful for a company operating in an entirely different industry.

There is a lot of noise being made currently in all corners of the world on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) there are volumes of books getting written on the topic and number of seminars and conferences taking place all over on this very important subject as it is expected to materially affect our day today living. But in reality hardly 3% yes just three percent of the patents get commercially exploited viably. What a Loss! That is the reason there are several human rights organizations against patenting. In many cases the act of patenting prevents the society from getting the benefit for a lifetime how sad! This brings out the fact that it is one thing to take out a patent and yet another to put the product in the market and a make a commercial success out of it.

Then there are research laboratories, hundreds of them heavily funded by the respective governments with the expectations of contributions from them from time to time to the industry. How often and how well does that happen particularly in developing countries? The research laboratories tend to work in their own Ivory Towers completed shielded from and totally oblivious to the needs of the industry. They invariably working on an agenda devised by them-selves based on perceived industry needs rather than a direct inter-action between the user and the developer. Why does that continue to happen simply because there is no common forum. On the other hand the industry is not aware of what the research lab has developed for the same reasons. It is this very exact missing link that KNOWHOWLEDGE.COM is all about.

In today market place everything is available yet nothing is available. There are companies hunting for a product for months and not able to locate it whereas some little garage company may be making it in their backyard. KNOWHOWLEDGE.COM addresses this gap professionally by bringing all together pro-actively not by just virtual window displays.

KNOWHOWLEDGE.COM brings together all with common intent on one single solid platform where you can howl and yet not go over the ledge.