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Will it sell?
Will It Sell? presents a sophisticated yet easy to follow approach to critical marketing methods and tactics every serious inventor will be able to apply to their day to day invention development activities right from the start. The 'Web' approach to resource listings is excellent and timely. The resource listings are top quality, well researched, hit the subject matter hard, and make for inventors' instant access to information that otherwise doubles the effective size of the book. Combined with the well-documented index, this book is a virtual 'pocket manual' that presents crisp, easy to find information on the myriad invention marketing and marketability issues inventors will encounter on their way to invention success. All in all, a fine job.

Mr. White's book is not for light reading. It is the most technically competent book of its kind that I have come across--heavy with in-depth marketing advice. Very thorough. A valuable reference for inventors at any stage of experience.

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