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How to license your million dollar idea
In this book, successful new product developer Harvey Reese reveals his system for creating commercially profitable ideas and his secrets for turning them into lucrative licensing agreements. It shows how to exploit your idea without risking your own money, explains the licensing process, offers examples, includes sample patent forms, and more. This revised edition covers changes in patent law and technology and includes an appendix of publications, forms, organizations, and contact information.
Packed with useful stuff something that many people dream of, but feel is simply not something they could do. If you are someone who comes up with ideas, but has done nothing but wait for someone else to cash in on them. This is a book for you. You don't have to spend thousands to make and sell your invention; you can get someone else to spend it for you! They take the big risk and you get cut of the profits. Harvey Reese takes you from idea creation to the final deal, in a positive and informative way. Here is a guy who has licensed hundreds of his own products letting you know how you can do it too!

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