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The inventor's desktop companion
This book is titled as a "Companion" and it lives up to that name. It is a collection of wide ranging topics related to inventing and marketing an invention. He covers a lot about the patent and copyright processes and then covers how to market your invention with a short chapter on how to get a prototype made.
A large part of the books 400+ pages are forms examples and lists of helpful organizations listed by state. The resource lists are for everything from Inventors Organizations to patent search Internet sites and University Innovation Centers. Going through the list can help with ideas on how to get help solving a problem.
This book is copyrighted in 1995 so at least some of the patent search and application data is out of date. There has been one major change in the patent laws since then, several changes in the fee schedule presented, and large changes in the Internet patent search addresses. I have not read Levy's new "Compete Idiot's Guide...." but I suspect that it is an update of this book

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