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KNOWHOWLEDGE.COM - Certification Services

Allows the inventor and the Buyer to move forward with speed and confidence

This is a unique service offered probably offered by KNOWHOWLEDGE.COM. There are thousands and thousands of inventions many of which are patented also. There are Billions of Dollars of funding which goes waste in trying to commercialize many of which, in fact, never had the built in factor to be worthy of commercialization.

The certification service offered by KNOWHOWLEDGE.COM takes care of lot of hassles, which a potential buyer of an invention may have to go through. Even though no one can guarantee an invention absolute commercial success this service from KNOWHOWLEDGE.COM which has experts from all fields of Science &Technology allows:

          *   An initial assessment,

          *   The working of the invention,

          *   The genuineness of the inventor,

          *    His/her past track record,

  • Any institutional back-up the person has and a possible inter-action        

.              with that institute

After the preliminary assessment and after witnessing a working demonstration where ever applicable, KNOWHOWLEDGE.COM awards a certificate, which the inventor can, proudly display, or copy and send in his/her initial inter-action with the potential buyer.

This unique service saves both the inventor and the buyer from undue risks. The inventor too is saved the trouble of being required to carry his invention all over.