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  Q1 What is Knowhowledge.com all about?  
  A1 It is not purely a website but includes a host of support activities to help Ideators, Inventors, and also, would be Inventors, Patent Holders, Design Holders & Patent Seekers, to communicate on one common platform. On the other hand, it is a platform for potential buyers of inventions and new products as well as Angel Investors and Venture Capital Companies to hunt for new inventions. Knowhowledge.com provides the platform to do these transactions under mutual trust and for mutual benefit.  
  Q2 How is Knowhowledge.com different?  
  A2 It is different in several important basic features and also the way an Idea is perused and processed to reach its logical and legitimate conclusion in the interest of the Inventor and potential beneficiaries of the inventions or the general public at large. Once an inventor or invention is on board, Knowhowledge.com's Tracking System keeps appropriate track.  
  Q3 Why should one use Knowhowledge.com?  

Knowhowledge.com provides instant mind recall. The moment one has an Idea, irrespective of the time & place, irrespective of whether it is doable or not, one can register on Knowhowledge.com and instantly log on to record the Idea. Knowhowledge.com automatically provides date & time stamp. At the next opportunity one can expand on the brilliant Idea and preserve it for further detailed work.

  Q4 How does one ensure that the Idea is kept 'secret' or 'confidential'?  
  A4 Knowhowledge.com is in the business of promoting and fructifying Ideas to nurture Innovation. The question does not arise that Knowhowledge.com will work on someone else's Idea for own gain. Knowhowledge.com's very existence is dependent on Ideator Customers.  
  Q5 How does one's Idea or Information about the Invention get trasmitted to a potential 'Buyer' of the 'Idea'?  
  A5 The relevant information disclosed by Ideator is viewed by potential buyer only after agreeing to an online 'Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA)'. The Idea can be viewed if it is a public idea but detailed information can be seen only subsequent to the 'Agreement (NDA)' and fulfiling of conditions if any.  

If one thinks the Idea is 'Patent-worthy', what role Knowhowledge.com will play?

  A6 Just the feeling or impression that one's Invention is patentable, does not start the patenting process. One must check whether such a patent for similar kind of device already exists. One can achieve that through Knowhowledge.com's linked search option under 'Patent Info'.  
  Q7 What happens if one is confused after going through patent search to know whether such a device is already patented or exists?  
  A7 Well, it can very well happen! That is where Knowhowledge.com's Experts Panel comes into the picture. There are world reknowned authorities on the Expert's Panel and they would certainly be able to bring down the confusion so that appropriate next step could be taken after getting a clearer picture.  
  Q8 What happens if one is not satisfied or convinced after the interaction with Knowhowledge.com Experts?  
  A8 Knowhowledge.com, subject to necessary agreements, has a process to involve patent attorneys at an appropriate stage to not only get preliminary views on the patent aspects of various Inventions or gadgets but also to enable one to file a patent in the country of choice.  
  Q9 In case it is concluded that one's Invention is patentable, who will fund the expenses for the patent process?  
  A9 Fundamentally, since it is the creator of the Gadget or Invention who is expected to bear such expenses directly in agreement with the concerned patent attorney. However, if the attorney is on Knowhowledge.com panel, the patent process is likely to be more cost effective.  
  Q10 What role does Knowhowledge.com play in 'commercialisation' of one's 'Invention'?  
  A10 As the mission statement of Knowhowledge.com is to lead an Idea to its logical conclusion, Knowhowledge.com will be all along with the Inventor till a Franchisee or a Buyer enters into an agreement with the Inventor, which will include issues like royalty, market assessment and business plans.  
  Q11 The general impression is that most of such websites are meant for young Inventors and Entrepreneurs, whereas, I am a retired person, so how does Knowhowledge.com guide me, as I too have several practical Ideas?  

Knowhowledge.com, unlike other websites, is not specifically designed keeping only one age group in mind. In fact, it is structured to remain ageless and timeless! Knowhowledge.com membership has members of all ages, right from school-age kids to retirees.

All are most welcome, in fact, more Ideas will come out of more experience. Register and log on for benefit and enjoyment!

  Q12 What is the meaning of the word 'Knowhowledge'?  

The word 'Knowhowledge' has been specifically coined to include all the activities between Knowledge and Success. While Knowhowledge.com cannot guarantee success, it certainly holds one's hand along the path: Ideator - Inventor - Entrepreneur. In other words, everytime a Member having acquired 'Knowhow' reaches a 'ledge or edge', support is around to take one across the dark abyss of oblivion.