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  Featured Ideas Available: Concept / Design / Product / Technology / Process  


  Automated Transport Vehicle (ATV) Remote-controlled Tiller India
  Automated Transport Vehicle (ATV) Unmanned Ground Vehicle India
  Competition Application to enable common engineering entrance model test on your mobile India
  Competition Camera mounted Quadrocopter by Students of Thakur College of Engineering India
  Computers System that Obeys your Commands India
  Computers New 3D LCD touchscreen requires no glasses! Japan
  Computers - Games Computer gaming using an Eye Blink UK
  Computers - Tablet PC Adamipad iPad Tablet PC India
  Education New Visual Teaching Aid for Children - 'Assan' India
  Energy Magic Bloombox from Bloom Energy USA
  Energy Bulb Turbine Micro Hydro-Electric Generator India
  Energy Electric Cars to supply Power to Grid USA
  Energy Electricity Meter to reduce Power Consumption India
  Energy Fuel Quantity Checker India
  Energy Solar Charger Backpack USA
  Energy Micro Hydel Plan along River Canal India
  Energy Refueling station at Home Japan
  Energy Green Passion India
  Environment - Water Portable Desalination Devices USA
  Environment - Air pollution Catalytic Converter for vehicle emission control with a completely New Concept Germany
  Environment Sewage Treatment Technology (Ecosan System) India
  Environment Zero Emission Fast Mobike India
  Environment - Air Pollution Hi-Clone Revolutionary Air Management System for Automobiles Germany
  Environment - Water Ionator - to zap ordinary tap water into a universal cleaning solution USA
  Environment - Water Bobble - New, reusable, portable water bottle with inbuilt filter USA
  Environment - Water UV Water-works USA
  Environment - Water Cactus Gum provides effective & cheap method to purify Water USA
  Environment - Water Soil Biotech can treat city's Sewage India
  Environment - Water Water Pure Clove-Oil India
  Environment - Water Save Simple Solutions to Save Water India
  Environment Waste Plastic to Fuel & Gas through catalytic Gasolysis India
  Environment Waste Plastic to Carbon Nanotubes UK
  Environment 'Floating island' to clean river India
  Environment Biogas Plant to Power Street Lamps India
  Environment Bio-Gas Plant with innovative improvements for Household use India
  Environment Bio-Gas Sector Partnership - Nepal UK
  Environment Bio-Gas & Bio-Mass Plants, BIO-COM, Korea SKorea
  Environment Bio-Gas Containerised Optional Plant, Norway Norway
  Environment Bio-Gas Plant with specialised technologies for wet waste India
  Environment Bio-Gas Plant for Electricity generation from Waste Corn Straw Germany
  Environment Bio-Gas Plants for Green & Putrescible Waste - Kompgas, Aiken New Zealand New Zealand
  Environment Bio-Gas Plant - Cuba Cuba
  Environment Bio-Gas Plant to recover Hydrogen to Methane quickly from Kitchen Waste, Japan Japan
  Environment Bio-Gas Plant to generate cooking gas from Human Waste,Kenya Kenya
  Environment Bio-Gas Plant for Karpalund Municipality, Sweden Sweden
  Environment Bio-Gas Portable Plant for conversion of food waste India
  Environment Bio-Gas Plants from Peter Energy, Chennai, India India
  Environment Bio-Gas Plants of Innovative Design from Plastic for conversion of gas to electricity USA
  Environment Bio-Gas to High Quality Fuel gas conversion Technology,China China
  Environment Bio-Gas Plants for biological waste from Zorg, Ukraine Ukraine
  Environment Bio-Gas Plant for Wet Waste, Nisargruna India
  Environment Bio Degradable Plastic from green sea algae USA
  Environment - Waste Processing Non Bio-degradable Waste into Life-Style Products India
  Environment - Rainfall Realtime system to measure rainfall at Dams India
  Environment - Air Pollution Air Quality Forecasting System India
  Environment Slums -New approach to mapping promises progress India
  Health New Invention makes liver transplant a real possibility Japan
  Health Device to help the Elderly India
  Health Prosthetic Foot to act like Natural via controlled spring action USA
  Health Wonder Pill - Trials begin india
  Health New Drug offers miracle cure for Cancer (Melanoma) Patients USA
  Health Surgical relief for twitching facial nerve embarrassement India
  Health Dad's creation helps 'Autistic' child speak UK
  Health Suction Device to heal wounds fast USA
  Health Mini Clip eliminates need for leaking heart valve surgery UK
  Health Beauty Prick Roller with needle pricks for skin collagen improvement UK
  Health Breathe easy, dust free chalks introduced India
  Health Miracle Dust from pig bladder to treat heavy wounds USA
  Health Kidney removed from live donor through 1-inch cut UK
  Health Headache Management System USA
  Health Nanotech to treat cancer- Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),Mumbai, India India
  Health Fresh Air in Bottle UK
  Health BMVSS rekindles hopes in Iraq with 'Jaipur Foot' India
  Health Blood Test to Detect Cancer Norway
  Health Decoder for baby cries Japan
  Health Brainwave Word Processor Germany
  Health Brain scan can read people’s thoughts UK
  Health Sticking Plaster for Skin Cancer Cure UK
  Health Your Body Fat may Heal You! USA
  Health - Food Organic Vegetables at your Door-step India
  Health - Food New Frosted cakes can no more tilt your calory balance! USA
  Health - Drink Cochabamba! Coca Colla from South America Bolivia
  Health - Drink Nuttslammer, drink that gives you the same high as alcohol, without the downside! UK
  Health - Sleep Dreams Analyses through a reasearcher on Twitter USA
  Health - Energy Exercycles generate electricity for a hotel in Denmark Denmark
  Home-Aid Mowcycle - a non-polluting healthy option for Gardening UK
  Home-Aid Foggers to help you stay Cool India
  Home-Aid Efficient indoor Ventilation System India
  Home-Aid Automatic Rechargeable Floor cleaner USA
  Home-Aid Deep Fryer which uses just one table spoon oil! USA
  Human - Augmentation Eye Tracker adds value to what you see! USA
  Human - Augmentation Robo suit for super powers to Japanese farmers Japan
  Human - Augmentation Charge your IPOD while jogging USA
  Human - Augmentation Mobile phone on your wrist! SKorea
  Human - Augmentation World's tiniest imaging microscope USA
  Human - Augmentation Mobile phone that smells & sniffs air for quality & toxicity USA
  Human - Augmentation Shaking hand & expressing love with cyber hand via Net! Japan
  Human - Augmentation Eco friendly Sprout Watches from all green material! Switzerland
  Internet - Novelty E mail T Shirt! USA
  Robotics Robomaid, to cook, clean & do household chores India
  Robotics Cute Bot will help you to stay slim & fit USA
  Robotics Snackbot, robot that serves snacks! USA
  Safety - Fire Fire Safety Product USA
  Safety - Theft Anti theft device for Mobikes India
  Safety - Fire Fire Rescue Chute USA
  Safety - Data Self Destructing USB Drive Switzerland
  Safety - Snake Bite Snake Repellant to ward off snakes India
  Safety - Road Helmet with built in Charger India
  Safety - Road Super Skin Helmets for better protection Belgium
  Safety - Road Helmet with a rear view for added safety USA
  Safety - Bullet Bullet Proof Cotton Shirt! USA
  Transport Portable Bike Packing USA
  Transport 'Hot Wheels' Unique Cycle Rickshaw India
  Transport Car Obeys Eye Commands Germany
  Transport Electric Taxi Germany
  Transport Electric Bike Limited Edition EVO 001 USA
  Transport Bike.E from Germany Germany
  Transport F1 Bike USA
  Transport Moonbuggy India
  Transport Hydrogen Cars USA
  Transport Black Box Recording Device for your Car Japan
  Transport Air Pod Car Geneva
  Transport Bike that prompts rider for gear change