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Why Use Knowhowledge.com?

The “Knowhowledge.com” platform is unique and different.  It is a rare platform which enables ‘Innovators’ to not only showcase their ‘Innovations’ but also attracts venture capitalists and angel investors.

“Knowhowledge.com” binds warehouses of fresh talent like engineering colleges with a common string and attempts to imbibe a common spirit, which is the spirit of ‘Innovation’.

To be a successful innovator or hardcore inventor one cannot purely rely on academic qualifications or interests.  The various facets of “Knowhowledge.com” and in particular the “Edutainment” section awaken latent aspects of personality such as

  • Keen Observation
  • Fascination with Numbers
  • Integration with Nature (Bio Mimicry)
  • Deft use of Resources
  • Commonsense (so uncommon!)
  • Perseverance
  • Extreme Imagination
  • Entrepreneurship

It is these traits of a personality which convert an individual from ‘Also Ran’ status to a well recognized successful ‘Innovator’ or ‘Inventor’.

Then there is ‘Brain-train’ to provide basic training to the Brain so that all parts of the brain function in a manner which seeds ‘Innovation Attitude’.

There are College Contests, Industry Contests & Global Contests to bring about cutting edge innovation competition.

“Knowhowledge.com” is powered to bring together ‘Innovators’ irrespective of their geographical location, country, race, nationality, profession and demography and communicate in one common language.

“Knowhowledge.com” is not purely words, it is ‘Action’!